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Friday, September 21, 2012

Wrapping this recap up.  Hopefully.

Sunrise.  We were just south of Texada

Left at 0400 in the morning.  Full moon.  Could see everything in the bay.  No close calls with crabpots this time.  I got out of the bay with the kids sleeping along with Jen.  I hoisted the main once I was in the Strait of Georgia.  Whiskey Golf was open so we had to change our plans a bit.  Whiskey Golf is the torpedo testing area in the Strait of Georgia.  We were going to go through Nanaimo but with WG open we had to go down to Gabriola Passage.
The forecast was for NW winds to build to about 20 knots in the late morning.  I had the main up and we were doing about 7.5 knots with the motor.  Once we turned the corner of WG, I rolled out the genny and shut the motor off.  BAM!  Off like a freight train.  9 knots of boat speed.  Great sail.  Sailed all the way to the pass.  Motored through there and then sailed again all the way to the SYC Ovens Island (Ladysmith Island) outstation.  Great day!  Got to Ovens at about 1 pm or so.  Walked around the island and played on the beach.  The kids played on the dock after dinner and then we hit the bunks early as tomorrow we were heading into Roche Harbor and checking back into America.

Ben getting better and better at swinging on the halyard.  Check out that full moon.

The dock at Ovens

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