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Monday, September 10, 2012

View Desolation Sound 2012 in a larger map

Here is a map of our trip.

Went to Gorge Harbor and swam in the pool.  Sorry no pictures.  Nice place with a little store and great pool with a view.  Had dinner and then watched Monty Python's Holy Grail with all the kids except Sam.
Sam put all her dolls right by the Nav station.
Got up early the next morning and went around Shark Spit and went over to Rebecca Spit for the afternoon.  Played on the beach there then left for the Octopus Islands.
Leaving Gorge Harbor
Ben learning to swing from the halyards.  Got quite good at it.
Sam got a little cold and wanted to wear her Froggy outfit
A wee bit tired while motoring to the Octopus Islands

Shelby showing us how to throw a rock!

Building a raft at Rebecca spit

Doesn't she just look done?  
As we left Rebecca Spit, the tide was flooding and through the Surge Narrows the tide forecasted to hit 9 knots.  That would leave us with no steerage effectively.  We elected to stay the night at the anchor icon.  Gorgeous.  Water-skied and used the floaty toy.  Then took the dinghy out and tested the current.  It was ripping.  No photos sorry.
The next day we hit Octopus Islands.  Follow the map at the beginning of this post to follow our course.
Little bit of breakfast before we get to the Octopus Islands.

Lightning looking for anchorage

Samey in her nest

Approach from the south to the southern inlet to Octopus Islands

Lightning coming in after us.  

Yet another clothing change for Samey.  Seemed to always wear pink the entire trip

Sill looking for anchorage.  Wasn't crowded but we didn't want to crowd anyone either

My favorite Maxey!

Kate combing Samey's hair.  Unreal.  

Playing with magic microphone

Rafted together in the Octopus Islands.  

Max and Scott.

Heading to Hole in the Wall pass on our way to the Teakerne Arm.

We woke up after a great night's sleep and got ready to hit the Hole in the Wall Pass.  We waited to slack as the current can get up to 8 knots or so.  Pretty tame when you time it right.

Anchored off in a cove in the Hole in the Wall Pass

Wind switching to the NW as we left the Pass.  

Spinnaker time!

Sailed with the chute for hours in light NW breeze.  Making about 5 knots or so at times.  Beautiful.  Had my first ever great powerboater experience.  Big old powerboat was overtaking us and as he approached, he throttled down and once past us, throttled back up.  Just amazing.  Thanks Mr. Nice Powerboat Guy!

Once we got to Teakerne Arm, it looked like the waterfall spot was being taken.  Scott went in and talked to the people that were anchored close but not in the little cove by the waterfall.  They had no problem with Scott bullying in and taking the primo spot.  We decided to anchor and play in the water a bit.  We found a great cliff and anchored by it with Maxey running the stern line to a tree.  
I got dared to jump off so I did what any self respecting mid 40's male would do.  "Hold my beer....whatch this!"

Watch that first step.  Scary to do that first leap.  

Benny even got into the act.  Later he will HURL himself off the tippy top!  I was so proud!

Us swimming in Cassel Lake.  Which is just a short climb up from the falls.  There is a trail.  Warm fresh water.  Just beautiful.

Scott helping us secure Appa to Lightning.  That is Max in the background cutting his foot open trying to tie us to the wall.

Maxey getting stitches.  2 of them in the bottom of the foot.  NO numbing medicine!  Rockstar!!!

Hanging out with his weird sister

Getting better and better at the halyard swing

A little tagging going on.
 We spent to sun filled days in the Teakerne Arm.  Everyone but Max and I went to Refuge Cove to refill the dinghy and get some fresh fruit and other supplies.
Showering in the falls!

That water just POUNDS you down.

Out looking for the floaty being pulled by Bolt (or Thunder)

Found them!

They made me get in that damn thing.  Don't you know I have carpal tunnel?

Kept my glasses on and everything!

All of us are now going to jump off the cliff we found.

Group plunge!

Sad Beebee.  Maxey helping with her.

Either the Muppet Movie or Despicable Me.  

Barrett and Sam jumping!

Early morning departure.  Lowest tide Shelby had seen.  Full moon this tide cycle.  Kinda iffy getting out of there

Good bye Teakerne Arm.
Checked the oil while everyone was away and then headed to the waterfall and soaked in the grotto like pool at the base of the falls.  Very nice.
We spent two days there.  The best two days I think.  Fresh warm water and even warm salt water.  Just great.
Next stop.....Pendrell Sound!

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