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Friday, September 21, 2012

Morning.  Leaving for Roche from Ovens Island

Sam woke up and went to our bunk while I was motoring us toward Roche.  She then played for awhile.  This is how I found her.  Out cold sleeping.  
Scott and I left Ovens at 0500 in the morning.  Another beautiful day and a long motor to Roche Harbor.  No problems and not much to report.  Got to Roche and checked in with US customs.  Got boarded and they searched the fridge for fruit and green onions.  Confiscated all our good stuff.
After clearing customs, we went to the Henry Island outstation and eventually rafted off Lightning and then had another SYC boat raft off of us.

We decided to stay two nights at Henry.  Played on the floaty toy.  Nothing like Desolation Sound.  Cold water and nippy air temps.

Did the grilling out thing.  Jamie from Sophie caught a HUGE salmon and grilled it.  It was great.  Smores at the campfire after that.

Our raft up on Henry Island

Going to the swimming pool at Roche!!

Love this photo

Note how the hair never really gets wet.  We are working on it.

Part squirrel and seal!!

Looking west over the marina.  Henry Island is beyond all that

Henry Island outstation docks
On the 2nd, Roche Harbor has the lowering of the colors for the final time for the season.  Then all the dock hands, managers, etc. jump off the dock into the water.  We rafted up with a bunch of other dinghies and took it all in.  Taps was played and the anthems for Canada and the US were also played.  Pretty cool.  I still am trying to find the pictures.
We left for home on the 3rd.  Another day with no wind and tons of sunshine.  The wind did fill in from the north but we were anxious to get home and the wind was not strong enough to keep us at 6 knots or above. We motored.
Sophie passed us at Port Townsend

These big dude was heading out to sea.  Killer wake.

Samey helping with the lunch

Powers at 9 knots!
Got home at 700pm.  Not bad for an almost 70 mile day.  Great trip!

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