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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Desolation Sound 2012

Finally got some more photos of our vacation with Appa in the Desolation Sound area.
Lightning motoring into Pendrell Sound.  Whilst firing water balloons at us
The crew of Lightning taking aim at Appa
Me and my little man!


Shelby with Barrett
The barrage continued for 15 minutes or so.  At least felt that way

Scotty with that cute little man Barrett

See Ben in the corner of the shot?  Sulking because Lightning stole all our balloons.  Man oh man was he mad!

Rope swing in Pendrell Sound

Doesn't look high but it sure felt that way!

How cute!  Helping Sam across the water!

Shelby helping the other baby across the water!

This is one fussy Sam.  IMPOSSIBLE to get good photo of.

The Milnes

Finding seal bones at Oven's outstation

Lightning motoring away from Oven's in the wee hours.  Next stop was  Roche Harbor.

Doing as kids do in Roche.

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