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Friday, September 28, 2012

Well I finally got the new mattress in the boat.  Friends of ours went out and bought latex foam and then a topper of memory foam and had a place in Seattle put it all together and cut it to size for their boat.  Total cost in the $1500 range.  I decided to try something different.  Went to Amazon.com and found a 10" mattress with latex and memory foam for $400.  I figured I'd at least try this cheap option.  Got the mattress with free shipping and it arrived within two days.  Measured once and cut the mattress with a electric turkey carver.  I cut it wrong.  Jen sleeps along the right side of the bed and that is where I made the cutting error.  Grrrr.  It was too late to do anything about it and we went on vacation with that evil mattress.  10 inches was also too tall.  I could barely fit on the left side of the bunk.  Hit my head all the time.  So back to square one.
Jen did not want the old mattress to go into landfill so I attempted to get it out of the boat in one piece.  I attempted.  The mattress is currently in a Seattle landfill.  Except for the memory foam topper.  I saved that.  This mattress was so crappily put together, the memory foam just pulled right off.  We'll use that part for the kids bunk.  The other 8" of foam just ripped when I tried to get it out of the boat.
I then searched Amazon again and found Sleep innovations 8" mattress.  70 reviews and most of them positive.  It delivered in two days and we unpacked it and let it sit in our living room while it expanded.  We used it as a "snuggle bed".  At least that is what the baby of the family called.  For 2 weeks we used the bed.  Max slept on it couple times and I took naps on it.  Great mattress.  I finally measured the bunk again  but this time I measured 80 times.  Not going to screw this up again.  It looks good.  I left it a little high on the right side till Jen gives it her seal of approval.  We are taking Appa out in a couple weeks to Tacoma and see the zoo.  We'll see how it performs then.

I also reefed out the entire port side deck.  It is all done.  Now awaiting cleaning and caulking.  I am going to have my bestest bud Jugurtha do the caulking.  I spent about 9 hours total getting that old caulk out of the deck.  Then I ran the file down the channels.  I think it is going to look fantastic.  Another 20 hours of reefing and the boat will be done.   This had better be the last time I have to do this for at least 6 years.  I am hoping for 15 years.  We'll see.

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