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Friday, September 21, 2012

Teak decks

I love our boat.  I really do.  Strong.  Fast.  Safe.  She is a great boat.
She does have teak decks though.  For a lot of people this is a major problem and they wouldn't even consider buying a boat with teak decks.  I cannot blame them.  They can be very problematic.  I don't think that ours are.  Yet.  Our boat was made in France and when Herni Wauquiez's crew put down our decks they used a mastic to keep the teak down on the deck and then used screws to keep the teak in place while the mastic cured.  As we lose the teak covers that cap the screws (bungs) I take the screw out and then fill the hole with epoxy and then glue the bung back in place.  The teak is not going anywhere.  So as the teak decks aged, the wood gets worn down and then the seams start to become proud of the deck and they tear out.  I am going to fix this.
Starting with THIS!

I then got brave and decided since the companionway wasn't hard, I was going to do the whole boat.  Starting with the port aft part.  Man oh man did I screw up by not putting masking tape down.  The thought was while the tape would be cleaner, the deck would need to be sanded anyhow.  Why waste time taping with I could sand off the teak ridges AND the caulk.  Wrong.  That caulk is super hard to sand off.  PITA.

I bought a big sander and knocked that stuff off.  But not before I used my handy dandy Fein tool to scrape the excess off.  Worked like a charm.
The part beyond that block have yet to be done.

Looks good I think.  

Can you tell were I haven't done yet?

Anxious to get this done.

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