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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So back to our vacation recap.  We left Tuesday morning for Walsh Cove.  No wind so we motored again.  Not much to tell.  Got to Walsh when Lightning was just dropping the hook.  We rafted and the kids took off in the floaty toy.  Once they came back, Shelby put Barrett down for a nap and Scott and I took all the kids and Jen out on Appa for a quick sail.  We were out for about 2 hours or so.  Maybe less.

I don't have many pictures from that part of the trip.
In the morning we loaded up and started to motor south.  This marked the beginning of the end.  Our plan was to hit the Copeland Islands in the afternoon, anchor, then leave for Garden Bay in the morning.
We swung through the channel between Otter island and the mainland on our way down to the Copeland Islands.  Cool little bay there.  Big rope swing.

I wonder what she is thinking.  This is us going  next to Otter Island

As we headed out of Otter Island area, Samey was talking about a swing set.  Jen suggested we build her one out of the bosun's chair.  What a smart wife!!

As we approached the Copeland islands the wind started to build.  Eventually it was 15 knots out of the SSE.  Right on the nose.  Current was running against us also.  This wind and current made anchoring difficult.  I dragged for the first time and we have the devil's own time trying to get that damn anchor up.  The windlass does not have a gypsy that handles both rode and chain.  You have to switch to the rode drum while 75' of chain is hanging off the bow.  Dumb.  Going all chain as soon as I can.
We then went to Scott's favorite Copeland Islands anchorage but it was rough in there due to the wind direction.  After a bit of a pow wow we decided to keep pushing for Garden Bay.  Long long long motoring trip.  Wind and waves on the nose with the current just killing us.  3 knots over ground for hours.  Ugh.
Lightning powering through the slop.

Lost another tooth while sailing.  $10 a tooth while sailing.  How in the hell did the  Tooth Fairy come to that price?!?!

Crashing in Max's room.  Note the dolls everywhere

Got into Garden Bay at 930pm.  Pitch black.  Knowing full and well that crab pots are everywhere, we had a light shining out there searching.  Heard a thunk and looked back in time to see a crab float bob under the dinghy as we were coming into the entrance of Garden Bay!  Why are there pots in the entrance?  Grrrr.
Got snug in the SYC outstation berth and got the radio call from Scott saying that his engine died and was using the dinghy as auxiliary power.
The other people on the dock heard this and we organized a slip for Lightning to pull into.  Love the SYC folks!  They are friendly and awesome.
Met up with Sophie again and a couple other boats we saw in Pendrell Sound.
So Scott's engine trouble was pretty simple.  Lightning has 2 50 gallons tanks.  They can isolate the tanks if they want.  The law on the boat was do not isolate the tanks.  Combine them at all times.  Well when John left Scott the boat in Cortes, he isolated the port tank.  Scott ran out of fuel.  We bled the system and all was well.  Ha!!

We spent the night at Garden Bay outstation and then decided to spend another.  Samey was jonesing for a playground so we all went.
Had dinner that night and was going to bed early but got caught up in talking with Comfort Zone about their engine problems.  Couple beers later and it is midnight.  4 am shove off time.  Ouch!

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