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Monday, September 10, 2012

Taking nap in our cabin
Family minus the mama
15 years old.  Can sleep anywhere!  He'll be great crew!  Hell  he is now.
Meeting up with Lightning.  A S&S designed 54 footer.
Ryan and Ben playing in the "warm" water.  About 66 degrees.  Better than the 50 degrees in Friday Harbor
More playing
Max and Janey
Cortes Bay outstation was great.  Multiple decks with BBQs and great docks with fresh water.  Loved it.  Had a dinner with the Milnes and then off to bed for a start to our vacation.
Barrett M.  One cute little firecracker.
Friend with Saylor and Kate on a SUP
Ryan and Ben
The Lightning towing arrangement.  Knocks about a knot off their speed.
Left Cortes Bay and hit Gorge harbor which is right around the corner on the same island.

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