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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Appa on the left and our first sailboat on the right.  Manatee an O'day 25.
My uncle died and left my brother and myself the house we grew up in.  The Manatee was our family's first sailboat.  1979 O'Day 25.  Great boat to learn on.  I took the half hull back to my place in Seattle.  Sits next to Appa's half hull.
Iverson's put the dodger on Monday.  You would think that I'd have some photos of that.  Nooo.  I had to work.  Then we took the boat under the bridges and through the locks to get her back to her home at Shileshole.  Totally got screwed by the Argosy Cruise Tour boat.   They get priority in the locks.  Almost did make back to Sammy's daycare to pick her up in time.  Grrr.  Hate the Argosy.
This is Saba.  My buddy's dog.  Great dog.  I used to watch her when Scott went out of town.  Loves to chase tennis balls.  13 years old now.  Where in the hell does time go?

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