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Saturday, August 11, 2012

My man Jugurtha

Marius driving
Thursday we raced in the Elliot Bay Downtown Series.  Had pretty good wind out of the north and had a lot of fun.  The kids attempted to throw bio degradable water balloons at a Catalina 36 and the dude yelled at my kids about throwing water balloons into the Sound.  Harshed our mellow.  Then he yelled about the Coast Guard not liking that.  We yelled back "Does the CG have a water balloon policy?".  The Sound gets all the run off from the roads directly into it.  I'm sure 5 water balloons are going to kill everything within miles.
On a better note, we won one of the raffle prizes.  $50 GC to Palisades and a shirt with a hat.  Not nearly as good as some of the other prizes given out over the last couple months but Ben was happy as all hell.
Motored back to Shileshole and called it a night.

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