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I own the last Wauquiez Centurion 42  (hull#55).

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Changed oil last night.  Since we are leaving on a 19 day trip, I decided to go over everything in the engine room.  I usually try to do this anyhow.  The transmission was way low on fluid.  Filled that.  Have to look for a leak.  I imagine just plain old neglect on the old owner and myself is the cause.  Changed oil filter and tightened some hose clamps.  I really want to change the engine intake hose also.  This damn thing looks original.
The Aquamarine watermaker guys came out to Appa and looked things over.  We figured out the mounting system and it looks OK.  Bunch of money to get it up to par though.  Have to move the intake to the engine intake.  The current one just is too small.  That was causing the low pressure alarms that the old owner was having.

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