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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Renaming ceremony was yesterday.  I know, I know, you are not suppose to name the boat and THEN 4 months later do the ceremony but it couldn't be helped.
Jen and I feel much better about the boat now.  Maybe Appa will have a bit more luck also.  We had my whole family there and then Jen's parents showed along with her brother. My dad and mom were there.  Pete and Rachelle along with friend Lisa showed up.  Jugurtha was also there.  Let's not forget the French friends and our friend from Germany, Anna.  Great weather.  Perfect sail.  We had deli style sandwiches with chips and potato salad and three bean salad.  Good times.



Jen and her dad

Jen's mom and brother.  Marcia and Randy

The food!


Max and Samey

Perfect form


I hope that bottle was good luck!

My mother and I

To Appa


Drove the whole time

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