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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Laughing Samey!
We have some of Jen's friends in from France.  Annie and her two boys, Marius and Barnaby.  We went out  for the Elliot Bay Downtown Series on Thursday.  They basically landed at Sea-Tac and Jen picked them up and took them to the boat.  Jet lag and all.
The wind finally filled in on the last leg and I yet again forgot to close the galley drain and we had a minor flood.  What a great sail though.
Saturday was another beautiful day and we took the boat out for dinner.  Used the new stove and oven and made pizza.  The Dickinson definitely has a hot spot at the back of the oven.  By the third pizza I got it figured out.
Marius (11 year old) took the helm and did a masterful job.  Some kids just oversteer and have no attention span.  Not Marius.  He took the wheel and made smooth minor adjustments as necessary and simple was a wonderful driver.  I was impressed.
Marius driving.  Not the best picture.  More coming later
Here is the new dodger and bimini.  I'll post more pictures later.  The bimini has solar panel mounts.  We also sprung for a connector panel between the dodger and bimini.
Annie and Jenny

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