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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Final Prep

You'd think we we're going across an ocean.  Well this is the first time we have ever packed for 18 days out.  Sure there will be some stores up in Desolation Sound but we really don't want to be tied down like that.  Anyway, it is good practice.  
Let's see:  7 dock carts full of food.  Next comes clothes and stuff for the 2 year old.  Boat is going to be pretty full.

So the old throughhull.  What a pain in the ass that could have been.  I was thinking that the valve would be some odd French or British thread.   As it turns out, it screwed right into the valve.  The old owner didn't enlarge the hole that the hose runs into; instead he made the hose do a tortured route that probably contributed to the cracking of the old nipple.  I reamed that hole out and softened the ends a bit.  Much cleaner install and I replaced that old beat up looking intake hose. 
The old

Still the old

I also replaced the water strainer with a new Vetus.  The old one was leaking.  Had no O-ring.  It seems like I should have checked for all these things before taking the boat from Canada to Seattle when I bought it.  I assumed it was OK.  Dumb.  I should add that the hose the previous owner used was oversized and clamped down so hard that I had to cut the hose clamps with the DremelDremel 114-200-1/15 200 Series 2 Speed Rotary W-Atch & 15 Asst Accs (Google Affiliate Ad).  Again I ask, why?  If you don't have time to do it right the first time, when are you going to find time to do it over?  Jeesh!
I always thought that the water that appeared in the engine pan looked kinda yellow.  Hard to tell with that Wauquiez brown everywhere.  Even soaking the water up with a white towel was kinda inconclusive.  The engine had no expansion tank.  The outlet just below the radiator cap was open.  So theoretically when the engine heated up the extra coolant would go out that hole.  The engine was low on coolant so maybe this was the problem.  Expansion tank is in now.  We'll see.
I have more hoses to replace but hopefully this will get us through.  I bought that cool tape that binds to itself if we develop a leak.   

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