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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Floaty toy on the bow.  Found that sucker floating in Lake Union about 8 years ago.  Kids love being dragged by the boat in that thing.
Appa in her new home for a couple days.  SYC marina.  We plan on moving the boat here from Shileshole I think.  Much cheaper but the access to the Sound is complicated.  4 bridges and the locks.  2 hours usually to do the trip.  I've done it in an hour but that was uncommon.  We love to take the boat out and swim on Lake Washington.  But the swim season is pretty short.  The Sound offers immediate access to anchorages and islands.  Better sailing most times also.  It is colder on the Sound though.  Decisions.
I have yet to get to the boat and check on the seams that Jurgurtha did.  No worries.  Great guy.  Still in talks with Baggett and Sons Marine about taking off the teak decks.  120 hours quoted.  I'll bet it takes more.  A lot more.  We'll see.  I trying to figure out what I want to do with the decks once the teak is off.  I love the look and feel of teak.  Just too much time and $$ right now.  We probably could go to Mexico and the decks would be fine.  That is a lot of money being spent on decks that could be spent elsewhere.
I need to upgrade other things also.  This engine is a good runner but the electrics that it ties into are killing me.  So many stupid little problems.  Buzzer that won't shut off, lights that work when they shouldn't, STOP button working when it wants to, tachometer that works when it wants, etc.  Typical boat stuff.

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