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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

We had a great day yesterday. Poled out the jib and had full sail up for most of the day, running down wind touching 9 knots at times. Currently we are yet again motoring as the wind has died down substantially. We can't seem to tie two days together without motoring. The Pacific High appears to be moving right over the top of us and that means no wind. I can't believe I'm going to write this but I hope that the gale to the west of us gets here soon. I am going to download the weather gribs here after sending this out into the web and see what we see.
Pizza was good and we ate two of them. I thought we would have some leftovers but alas, no.
We are doing pretty good in the food department. Still have frozen chicken, frozen pork, frozen Mahi, frozen brats and some awful frozen hamburgers. You know the kind, you cook them while they are still frozen. 30 grams of fat in each burger. Last resort those babies. We still have a head of cabbage, papayas, some carrots and potatoes with 5 onions. Not bad. Been out here 9 days nows. I figure another 10 or so till Seattle. If we get wind. On the leg to Honolulu we only ran the motor to charge the batteries and shut off the freezer with a week. Now, with all this motoring we have plenty of electrons to share with the freezer. The freezer is also starting to behave itself. It was running continuously when we left Hawaii. About 4 days of running. No idea why. I shut it off for a night and once I turned it back on, it was cycling like it should. Almost like a Windows computer.
Plenty of canned goods. Running out of drinking juice though. Jugurtha is starting to become unhinged at the thought of no ice. Asks for it all the time. Now he knows how we felt while in Mexico. "Please sir. Can you spare a cube? Please!" I imagine that in a British accent. I think I'll start making some ice and surprise these dogs with ice in their sundowners. Maybe. I think they are talking about me. I watch them while they sleep and they just look...guilty.
Pete has just called down the hatch and we have some wind!
More later...