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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Motoring. Motoring now for 16 hours or so. Ugh. The Pacific High went right over us and we should be out of it late Thursday or Friday. Then we do the big turn to the right to actually head home.
My dad used to "buy" wind. Out on the boat with him on Lake Michigan, I remember him throwing a quarter in the water to "buy" wind. You didn't want to buy too much. Whether it works or not is up for debate but we still tried it this morning. I'll bet that quarter is still dropping to the ocean floor. I threw it over at 5000 meters. Benny. How many feet is that? You and I learned that in your math class.
Thanks to everyone who emailed and texted with their selections! I have 4 other people to talk to onboard but I crave more. Unless you have been out here, you can't understand the isolation. Same colors, smells, everything the same. We all look forward to answering email and texts on the inReach. The inReach makes a descending whistle sound when a message arrives. Everyone's ears perk up. I liken it to mail call while in the service. You crave news from home.
We got Gang of Four, Van Halen, The Cars (AWESOME!), the Smiths, INXS (How is it possible I don't have them on my iPod, I mean for crying out loud??? It is almost enough to make me swear), Suicidal Tendencies, U2, Madonna, RATT and of course some Cyndi Lauper. I have to add ZZTop. Listening to them typing this wearing Sam's pink headphone no less. I have some work to do on my collection (and some would say taste) once back in Seattle.
Last night we listened to some great tunes and had a Vodka with soda and lime. Limes are becoming scarce. Got lemons though. No real sunset as it is foggy all the time here. Except for right above us. Bright blue sky!
I made burgers on the grill and Papa Fox made bread for buns. It was really good. I maintain that food on a boat is always good.
We made 60 gallons of water yesterday as well. Laundry is just killing our water supply. I have all my clothes here but these guys packed like 3 shirts and two pairs of underwear. I should have put more thought into their packing. Oh well. As long as the watermaker works, we are fine.
Dinner tonight is maybe a casserole that Pete is going to make.
I am bored and don't want to read as I don't want my book to end. Ever do that? Just don't want it to be over. I am currently reading "Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the Void" by Mary Roach. She has another book on this Kindle named "Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex". I almost didn't start the Mars book because of the other book's title. I love the Mars book. Funny and well written. It also mirrors what we are doing on this boat. Seclusion, hygiene, safety, food, boredom, etc. I am reading passages out-loud to the crew (They say they enjoy but...) and we have a good laugh. I heartily recommend it. I might try the Bonk book next.
Been listening to a lot of music lately and John Hiatt is fast becoming a favorite. Check out the lyrics from Lincoln Town.
"What I feel like is an old freight train, 5 miles long in the pouring rain.
Rolling out of Detroit, loaded up with shiny cars.
And I'm sitting in a Cadillac, smoking on a big cigar.
What I feel like is an engine room, open my door and get a whiff of perfume
Love that diesel, burning up the atmosphere
When you hear me blow, you'll know I'm near."
It has a great driving beat. Once we get into the wind and this boat starts hauling the mail, I'm getting this on the stereo and cranking it up to 11.
I also like "Panama" by Van Halen for driving the boat in heavy air. You can break gear that way though. Just keep pushing it and BANG!
I can't even understand what David Lee Roth is saying half the time on that song but the guitar and drums just do it for me.
Ever try to understand what Mick Jagger is singing about in "Jumping Jack Flash"? Impossible unless you read the lyrics. I think Whoopi Goldberg was in a movie where she had to decipher the lyrics of Jumping Jack Flash to solve something. I just remember her frustration with Mick.
Thanks for reading my drivel. Gives me something to do and reflect a bit. I also get to practice my grammar. This is from The Simpsons:
Teenage Homer: Why should I go to English class? I'm never going to England!
That slays me.

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