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Monday, July 14, 2014



Can somebody text me on the inReach with the answer to this please. Night Ranger was a band in the 80s with some hits. Did they have a song called "Motoring" or did the song "Sister Christian" have "motoring" in the chorus? Been bugging me ever since we started the motor. We're motoring...insert guitar riff here...what's your <something, something> to life (?). Man I miss the Internet. It knows all and I could just pick up my phone and figure this out. Oh well.
Writing this Sunday night at 2000 Honolulu time. The crew refuses to switch time zones and I'm not sure that we even have to yet heading north like we are. The crew is going to keep on Honolulu time till Seattle they say. Crazy kids!
We motored all night last night and most of the morning. So while running the engine, I decided to make water. Good thing too as Jugurtha hasn't taken a shower in 4 days and he needed to do laundry. Papa Fox left his hatch open while sleeping last night and was surprised by gallons of water sluicing in the hatch and hitting him right on the face. Soaked everything up there. I looked under the V berth for water intrusion and there was none. Jen has stored a bunch of stuff up there and I don't want it to get wet. So Papa Fox had to clean his bedding again. He just did it yesterday.
I swore 3 times today. Once, when I cut my finger cleaning the forward head and I ran across pieces of broken mirror that Pete accidentally broke a couple days ago. The second time was exactly the kind of swearing I am trying to get rid of. The "I'm swearing and don't even know it" swear. Here is how it went down. When making water on Appa, the freshly made water only goes into one tank. Appa has three totally separate tanks. You have to empty the watermaker tank into the tank you want filled. I do this with a hose that plugs into the outside shower spigot and then I run the hose to one of the two tank deck fills. So having three tanks means I have to make sure I am drawing off the correct tank to fill the other tank. See where I am going? I accidentally left the tank selector on the tank I wanted to fill NOT the watermaker tank. So I was not filling anything. I was taking water out of the tank and putting it right back in it. For 15 minutes...hence the swear word. I kept looking at the water level indicator and wondering why nothing was moving. DUH!!!!!
Jeez, after writing that I can't even remember the third happenstance of swearing.
I made dinner last night and tonight. Last night it was mango sauce over baked mahi mahi. Tonight we had roast with potatoes and onions along with coleslaw.
Had the fishing line out today but no bites.
Water is getting colder and we are wearing jackets at night now. Definitely not in the tropics anymore.
The weather has been tricky the past couple of days. Light wind and no wind. I think we are down to 85 gallons of diesel. Out of 100. The wind is suppose to fill in here around 2300 or so. 15 knots out of the south and then building to 20 in the afternoon tomorrow. That would be great. There is also a low pressure system moving this way and it is developing into a gale. That might hit us also in the next 3-4 days. Or it could not. Hard to tell. My weather guru Michael is on the job and my Dad is also monitoring the situation. Michael said a couple hours ago, "The wind will be there in 6 hours, then in 12 hours, there will be more." I love the confidence!! To quote Pulp Fiction, "That's a bold statement."
We are getting into the routine and are having a good time. All of us are anxious to get into the wind and take a bite out of some mileage. 1400 miles to go. As the albatross flies. Seen tons of these beauties.
We are also in the Pacific Garbage Patch. On the western edge of it actually I'm told. We have been seeing buckets, nets, discarded fishing gear, etc. Not constant but enough to make you sad for the planet. At night we just plow ahead and hope that there is nothing too big right in front of us. Knock on wood.
Seen three ships since we left Hawaii. Nothing else but garbage and birds. No dolphins, no nothing.


We finally got into the wind at 2330 last night. 15 knots or so out of the SSE. We are going to gybe in a bit and once the crew is fully awake, we will try to go wing on wing and run dead down wind. The boat is rocking and rolling through the wind waves and big old swells. Same old, same old. Hitting 8 knots at times, feels good to hear the water rushing past the hull rather than the motor pound out it's 5 knot song of slowness.
Jeremy made bread last night and I think today is pizza day!
Jugurtha continues to fish without any luck. Maybe we should change lures as I believe that we are out of mahi mahi waters and in the tuna area. Hmmm.
Hopefully the wind continues to build and we can continue on north.