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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

At least the M&Ms aren't melting!

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride ain't got nothing on us. After motoring yet again for most of Saturday, the wind filled in right after our dinner. It built through the night and at 0430, I was called on deck to help reef us down. Wind was out of the west at 25 with gusts in the 30s. Being that we are STILL on Honolulu time, 0430 was actually in bright morning sun. Can you believe it? Sunday was actually SUNNY! It was the first time we have seen sun in over a week.
The wind slowly mellowed to steady 20s and by 0900, I shook out the 3rd reef and went to second reef with 90% of the jib flying. The waves were still big at 11-15 footers with a couple "outlaws" thrown in that knocked us around a bit but Appa tracked steady. We handsteered the entire day to give the autopilot a break. It can handle the conditions but it was straining a bit in the big waves. Waves were from the north AND the west. Hard to judge the period as it seemed they were always on top of us. But at least it was sunny.
I cranked up the stereo and drove with (and through) the waves listening to some Van Halen, The Dubliners, FloRida, Rihanna, Rusted Root, Maroon 5, The Rolling Stones, and some more.
Also in the morning, I baked about 8 pounds of tuna in the oven. Drizzled olive oil over the fish, sprinkled seasoning and put lemon wedges on it and baked. Then I flaked it. Made tuna fish salad and with the remaining meat, we are having casserole tonight. I am also having a hankering for a tunamelt. Lunch! I still have to make bread. We still have some steak left but if it wasn't for the fish, canned food would be on our menu.
Papa Fox made braised cabbage with potatoes, honey, red wine vinegar, and sausage. Delicious!
We had an actual almost, kinda sunset complete with rainbow yesterday. Then we spent the first part of the evening dodging rain squalls. The night watches had steady wind out of the NW at 15 the waves calmed down a bit to 5-6 feet.
Currently the barometer is steady at 1010, cabin temp is 60!!!!, sun is shining in between clouds, wind is from the NW at 10-15, waves 5 or so and a period of 8 seconds. We shook out a reef and currently have one reef in and full jib. Boat speed is 6-7 knots at 90°T.
The crew is holding up well and I am sure that they are all ready to be on land. Sleep is hard to come by in these conditions but we are managing. At one point during the bigger waves and wind, Gordon Lightfoot popped into my head. "Does anyone know where the love of Gods goes, when the waves turn the minutes into hours?" Haunting. Although it is not that bad out here. Heck it is trade wind conditions but still, at times, I'm thinking enough with the sails banging, waves crashing, cans sliding, boat creaking, water dripping, tuna fishing (!), foul weather gear wearing!!!!
We are projected to be passing Neah Bay Thursday or Friday. If Thursday, then it would be 18 days from Honolulu to Cape Flattery/Neah Bay. That is good enough for us to grab the ANNUAL HONOLULU TO CAPE FLATTERY TROPHY out of the hands of Sand Dollar who by their reports did it in 21 days. I can't help it, I'm very competitive when it comes to boats.
Quote of the day. Papa Fox told me this. When asked what his career plans were, he answered "To get it over with."
Saturday or Sunday we should be in Seattle. I am thinking Saturday. I'd like everyone to show up at the Ballard Locks on Saturday at 0600 and wait for us. Bring a tent and sleeping bags. If we aren't there by Sunday at 1800, wait longer!
See you at the locks!!!!!

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