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Thursday, July 24, 2014

84 miles to Cape Flattery.
Yesterday...where do I start? What a day. The wind started to build at 0600. The autopilot was handling the steering but it was working pretty hard. We threw in a 3rd reef around 0900 and started to hand steer. More or less to conserve battery as the freezer full of tuna and a hard working autopilot tend to use up the electrons. Then the waves started. I complain quite a bit about the waves. Unless you have been out here, you'll never get. Big waves from multiple directions and every once in a while they meet and form this triangular "wave of death". Waves hitting straight on and the dominant swell from the north, let's not forget the wind waves also from the northwest.
I was driving Appa and we got into a particular nasty set of swells. The wind was singing through the rigging at 25-30 knots and we started to surf down a 12-15 footer, hitting about 11 knots or so, when a hole in the water opened in front of the boat and we fell into it. Speed dropped to almost nil, I got thrown into the wheel and the boat lifted her stern and pivoted to starboard. It was like a ballet dancer falling into an unseen pothole full of water. Water everywhere, crying, screaming.
Well, that was yesterday. Today is different. Light wind out of the west and we are struggling to make 5 knots. What a difference a day makes. Whereas we made 180 miles in 24 hours yesterday, I think today will be slightly off that.
Hopefully the wind fills and we can start making time again.
It is cloudy right now and 66 degrees in the cabin. Barometer is rising, sitting currently at 1013. Wind out of the west at 10 knots. Swell is NW at 5 feet with 6 sec period. Sail configuration is wing on wing with 2 reefs in the main to minimize banging of the sails.
We still plan on being in Seattle on Saturday though. Remember bring your tents and camping gear to the Ballard Locks. Again, I think it best for people to start showing up at 0600 to first all, get the best seats and second of all, you don't want to miss this. I have already notified the lock personnel to expect a large crowd that will most likely be spending the night there waiting on us. The lock people also have a dance routine made up by Papa Fox (he is full of surprises) and it will be distributed to you all on 4x6 cards. If you start practicing, I am sure you will make us proud. King5 and Komo are also going to be there. Don't let the helicopters interrupt your practicing. Maybe you heard that Obama was in town. He is going to show up also. I donated $5 to his campaign and he is a name of his word.

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