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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Day 3

N 25 44 W 157 52
80 degrees out
Wind 19 knots apparent from the East. We are sailing at 60-70 degrees to it making 8 knots at times. We are pushing through the water pretty quick.
We left Honolulu at 1100am Sunday. Went around the windward side and got pounded by waves. 7-10 footers and we had to beat to weather to get out of there. Jugurtha got seasick and is just now recovering. Jeremy is off and on but generally is doing good. Pete, Papa Fox and myself have been alright so far.
We caught our first fish yesterday. 10 pound Mahi. Bright blue when we landed it. Beautiful fish. I filleted him and PF baked the fish and made a mango salsa to go with. Served on a bed of rice.
So we are double reefed and have about 3/4 of the jib out. The wind is forecasted to lighten in the next day or so maybe get more south in it. We'll see.
All is good. Check our tracker if you want. I can't remember the address but I posted it in a earlier blog.

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