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Friday, June 20, 2014

We are here!

This is us in Cabo on departure day.
One of the four mahi mahi that we caught. Blue squid got 3 and red squid got one of them. 
Brain chilling out on deck.  

Flying fish patrol. 15 of them on deck every morning
Another mahi mahi. 
Spring rolls.
We are learning to make turk's heads and other decorative whippings
Brian making us some grub
One wave lashed out at me.  Splashed just me even though we were all sitting tightly packed in the cockpit.
Can't remember what this was.  gumbo?
Michael and Aime 
Meat loaf!
Us just cruising along.
Appa has sinks on the port side of the boat.  When sailing and the boat is heeling to port the sink can fill with water and flood everything. So we have to close the drains.  That means Brian had to empty the sink via the window.  One of many quirks on Appa. 
Getting the tunes ready for the Appa Sundowner Party.  Minimum drink-1 Maximum drink-1
Laundry day
The sea turtle we rescued.
The big one!
This is the only real sunset we had. Second night out.
I had the sunrise watch. 
As we got closer to Hawaii the winds increased. We started to hand steer as the danger of gybing was pretty good.
Celebration drinks at the dock!

Appa traveled about 2700 miles and did it in 17 days 6 hours.  Or so.  We averaged around 6 knots or so.  We broke a mainsail batten, AIS went out (and is still trying to get figured out), caught 5 mahi mahi and one yellowfin tuna.  We burned 15 gallons of fuel for making water and power.  It surprised me how cloudy it was and how very wavy it was.  Just crazy.
The rest of the crew still has to share their photos with me and I'll post them when I get them.
The plan now is to leave July 6th.  Five of us will be making the trip.  At least at this writing, there will be five.
A special thanks to Michael P. for helping with weather routing.  He is already gearing up to do it for the second leg.  Thanks!!!
More later...

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