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Monday, June 2, 2014

Day.....what day is it?

Blue. That is all I see is blue. This deep cobalt carpet rolling under us as we glide to Hawaii I have only seen waaay offshore. Others much more eloquent than me have written about the color of the ocean so I'll leave it to them. I will say one thing though, if you could capture this color, the feel of it, the history of it, the underlying deepness of it, you would really have something. I suppose it is better for the color to stay out here. Makes it all the more special. If you think of it, not many people has seen this color. The blue of the ocean a thousand miles off land cannot be appreciated from an airplane or dare I say it, a ship. You have to be among the waves to really see it. I am planning a stop when we are halfway and I am going swimming. Once around the boat.
So I have clearly lost my mind as the proofread the above paragraph. Lots of thinking going on in our heads.
The crew is getting along well and seasickness has departed us. Ally is back among the living and Amie has perked up.
Michael is self-appointed chef and we have been having some amazing meals. Yesterday we had bean and ham soup with coleslaw, the day before mac and cheese side dish (Ally's favorite and it was her 14th birthday!!) with fresh yellow fish tuna baked with mangoes and then potato skins. Today is casserole day I think. I've been doing the dishes.
We watched a movie last night. "Snatch". Seen it before but it was fun to see again.
The wind has mellowed and we are running on a beam to broad reach in about 13 knots of wind and we have 6-7 knots of boat speed. We are trying to head a bit south as when we get within one thousand miles of Hawaii the winds start to clock and we will be running with it. Our plan is to get south and when the wind turns we don't have to run dead downwind for it is a frustrating point of sail. We are averaging 150-160 miles a day and are taking it easy on the boat. Had two reefs in the main for the first 3 days and a partially rolled jib. Only yesterday did we "unleash the hounds" and let Appa run under full sail. Two more weeks of this and I don't want to break the boat so we take it easy.
The motion on the boat has gotten much better. The waves are more or less off our beam and no longer attempting to board us. Pretty crazy there for a couple days. Brian says of the waves "You can roll but please, no chop!" So far so good.
We are about 700 miles into this thing. The first couple of days it was hard to find the beauty. Now I am appreciating the chance to do this and realize it is NOT an ordeal but a gift. It is a gift from my wife and kids to allow me to do this. I love them and miss them.
Well, I am going to download weather files to see what is what. I hear there is another tropical disturbance down south and east of us. Shouldn't concern us but you never know.

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