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Friday, June 13, 2014

Last day at sea?

For two weeks now the GPS has been counting down the mileage to Honolulu and it is now reading 250 miles. So possibly tomorrow we are going to be in. Woo hoo!
We had spring rolls yesterday. Very good. They were so good we didn't ask what was inside them as I know damn well we are out of everything fresh but ham and cabbage.
Fishing lines out early this morning and I got away clean. No tangled lines.
Big full moon last night. We watched it come up while laying about on the foredeck of Appa shooting the breeze. Very relaxing. Of course the waves did their damnedest to get me wet.
In the mornings we have been finding flying fish. This morning the deck is littered with them. They fly onto the boat and the netting that keeps the kids safe is their doom.
the inReach communicator that I have been really liking on this trip went belly up yesterday. As a long shot I emailed customer tech support from the unit and lo and behold, they answered. We went through the usual diagnostic stuff and this morning I did a full reset on it. I think it is working but not sure until I can test it further.
Made 167 miles in the last 24 hours. We reefed down again last night as it was pretty gusty.
I think this will be the last blog post till I get on shore.

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