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Friday, June 6, 2014

Like sand through the hourglass.....

My grandmother Elise watched Days of our Lives. She lived with us most of my childhood and I can still hear the opening tune of that weird show. I don't think she missed many episodes if any.
Had a fun day yesterday. Wind was light in the morning but we still managed to eek out 5 knots out of Appa's 32,000 pound butt. I sent that last blog post and then started to think about the spinnaker trapped in it's bag, asking, nay, demanding to be set free. We did. And it was good. The wind picked up and we dashed through the waves. Michael was driving for a spell and hit 10.12 knots for a brief bit. Steady 8s for a looong time.
One thing I noticed about Appa is she makes no noise whilst at speed. Most boats I have been on like to talk when they are going at hull speed or above. My bud's Irwin 38 Avocet would start to sing at 7 knots. Full on opera sounding voice would emanate from the hull. Loudest in the aft cabin where I was sleeping. Startling at first. My past boats Slide and Hooked would hum gently when they were moving fast. My step father's tri hull would have a geyser of water shoot straight up from the rudder area and also hum. Only Avocet sings. But Appa does nothing. Picks up her skirt and runs.
So today is Friday. We are past half way now. Everyone is in the routine. Seasickness is a thing of the past. So is catching fish evidently. We are reefing the boat without thinking about it. Take down of the spinnaker was easy peasy. Shout out to Max for fixing the rip and actually packing the chute in the bag correctly. No wraps. Yay Maxey!!!
Here's our location for the internet impaired. N18 31.975 W 133 14.987
We are averaging 155-160 miles a day. Not bad for having a reef in the main most of the time. Triple reefed yesterday with the spinnaker up. We aren't racing. We are traveling. Going easy on the boat is the name of the game. Get to Hawaii in one piece cause I have to turn around and do another 2600 miles. Like my cruising guide says, "Any boat can sail TO Hawaii, only real boats can make it back."
We have sailed all but a very small portion of the trip. Maybe 3 hours total so far. We have made 55 gallons of water and are making more right now. The food has been simply amazing. We are going to try and make bread again today. Pot roast was yesterday and meatloaf!!!!!!!! today. Not Kathy's meatloaf but it will do. Ever since Michael mentioned meatloaf I've been thinking of Kathy's meatloaf. There are certain things I miss back home and that is one of them.

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