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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Made some miles yesterday

Woke up yesterday and after messing with the phone sat phone trying to get weather, Brian and I raised the chute. We took off like a scalded hound. Hit 11.5 knots a couple of times. Ran with it up from 0900 to 1930.
Made a phone call to Jen who was visiting with my parents. Got to talk to all of them. Hearing their voices was magic. Waaay out in the ocean and I can still talk to them. Amazing world we live in. I sure do miss them.
Ben is off to the YMCA camp. It is a father son thing and I am missing it for the first time. I am bummed.
Right after the family phone call, the wind picked up and we wiped out with the spinnaker. No broach but just rounded up. Exciting. On a raceboat no big deal rounding up, except for lost time. But on a cruising boat....well let's put it this way. Raceboat is a horse and when rounding up, the horse merely trips but recovers quickly. On a cruising boat, imagine horses pulling a trailer, startled the horses take off running. The trailer is bouncing everywhere and then BAM! It tips over. That was us. No harm done. We might have broke a mainsail batten then or at night when the winds lightened and the mainsail started to slat horrendously.
We had meatloaf yesterday. Very tasty. Today is....wait for it.....PIZZA DAY!!!!!!

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