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Monday, May 5, 2014

In Agua Verde

Sitting in Agua Verde and have been for the past couple of days. Beautiful water and weather. \
Jen is on the beach this morning and I'm getting coffee going right now as I type this.
The local fishermen are buzzing around picking up bait from their bait traps and then heading out. We will be following them out and heading south. First stop is 18 miles south. Los Gatos.
Sea Otter caught a Mahi Mahi yesterday just outside of Agua Verde around the reef and we are going to steam out there and try to get Max some fish to land.
After Los Gatos, I think we are going to head top Timbabiche (Bahia San Carlos). Not sure after that.
The trip is winding down and the kids are excited to get home. Max wants to get back and drive as he is almost 17 and hasn't driven since last August. Ben wants to see his friends and so does Sam. She really wants to play with all the toys she remembers.
Max's electronic equipment is taking a hit now. After being exposed to salt air for almost a year, Max's computer has died, his iPhone died, lost his watch during a vicious gybe, etc.
The hot water heater's safety valve is leaking and that will get fixed in La Paz. Sails need work. Using your boat all the time is hard on her. Appa is holding up well though. Knock on wood.

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