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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sammy's birthday and some long delayed photos

We are in Bahia Candeleros which is just south of Puerto Escondido.  Currently in this super fancy resort with Appa at anchor.  Today is Samey's 4th birthday.  We sprung for a day pass at this resort and have the all inclusive package going. Pretty swanky. 
The crews from Sea Otter, Antipodes and Sand Dollar are all here. Very sweet of them to join us. Plans for today are just hanging out and swimming in the pools and the beach. Well maybe not the beach. Stingrays are hiding in the sand and we are all worried about getting stung. Poolside seems easier. 
Not sure where we are going tomorrow. I think we are going to head out to Isla Carmen and hit a couple of the anchorages there. Then maybe up the Sea of Cortez a bit more.  Have to start thinking about heading south at some point. 
The picture below is the anchorage and you can see that I am ashore typing this.  Finally getting some internet that is half way decent. 

On the way north couple days ago we had a 30 or so mile spinnaker run.  At the hoist, Max and I had the mother of all wraps. Damn solent stay is a sail magnet. Got the wrap undone and then had a great sail. Upon dropping the sail 4 hours later, we promptly ripped it a bit.  No big deal really. But it will have to get repaired before the Hawaii trip. That and the clew is starting to rip out of the jib.  Have a couple of upgrades to do the hatches and some small repairs but other than the sails and some odd jobs, we are looking good for Hawaii. 
Here are some photos that I can finally upload....
Appa under sail.  In this pic we are about 100 miles off shore. Half way to the baja. 
The next day. Motoring and fending off Sea Otter who was lobing water balloons at us. Max is returning fire.  
Us coming into the bay and getting ready to anchor in Ensenada Grande on Isla Espirtu.
Ben D. on Sea Otter taking Ben's picture. 
Julie Shark!
In for the kill!
We just love Ensenada Grande!
Julie from Sea Otter and Nancy from Antipodes
Adam from Antipodes and Ben D. from Sea Otter
Chica from Sea Otter
Our Armada

Taking Antipode's tender out spear fishing
Hiking on Isla San Francisco
Isla SF anchorage

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