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Saturday, May 24, 2014

In Cabo

Well here we are at San Jose del Cabo. Brian, Aime, Ally, and Michael are here and the boat is getting ready for our trip to Hawaii. There is a tropical storm brewing couple hundred miles south of us that is looking like it will develop into a hurricane in the next couple days. It waaaay south so we probably don't have to worry about it.  
We are planning on a May 28th departure. Right around there. Monday I'll check out of the country and the we have 24 hours to leave. Maybe it is 48. Something like that. 
This is the address to track us
I am carrying it around with me right now to see how it works. The unit updates my position every 10 minutes so that is why the current track is jumping everywhere. Doesn't take 10 minutes to drive most places. It appears like I am teleporting. 
Pull up the website and see if it works for you. It'll be on the whole time we are under way. 20 days or so. You can also send us messages. For free!  I can respond also. For free!  
Couple of photos....
Leaving Muertos. 

I'll try to keep the blog updated underway. Fish caught, weather, etc.


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