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Monday, May 19, 2014

Some photos

Sammy at Caleta Partida.
Pool at Costa Baja where we are right now getting more fruit and veggies. 
Max caught two bonitos on the way here this morning. Jen has the pictures. 
Where we were yesterday. Below are a couple of photos from the beach that is north of Appa on this chat snapshot. 
Below is a shot of Steve Job's new yacht Venus. 
See that awful thing?  Right in front of us at the fuel dock. Ugh. 
We made cake at anchor yesterday and the day before we made bacon wrapped hot dogs with American cheese. Totally non fat. No calories at all.
That photo of Ben makes me laugh. He is still figuring out how to be photographed. 
Loved this anchorage. My favorite I think. Hard to choose though. 
We swam for hours in this. 
The flying Bennie!!!!
Repair job on the clew of our headsail!  Done by Doug. 
Sam loves to skinny dip. Loves it. 
We have a little pool that we fill with salt water and Sam goes in it while we are underway. 
Sammy helping with laundry!  So freaking cute!

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