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Friday, May 16, 2014

Esenada del Candelero

Left La Paz couple days ago after 5 days in La Paz getting the sails fixed and using the internet to order some stuff for our upcoming trip to Hawaii.
I purchased a PLB which stands for Personal Locator Beacon. It fits on your life vest and if you fall overboard AND remain conscious, you pull out a little antenna and push a button and a signal gets sent into space and alerts the good ol' USA that you are in trouble. My thought is that at night, we might only have one person up and topside. Say that person falls over, harness is not attached to the boat for whatever reason. No one wakes up for the next couple of hours. Boat is driving itself doing 7 knots (5 knots if on Non Sequitur), 21 miles away before someone notices...I shudder everytime I think about it. Imagine being in the ocean with the boat sliding away from you. The whistle isn't waking anyone, your yelling goes unheard. You are dead. Right then you know it. Just have to wait for it. I realize even with the PLB/EPRIB turned on, it will take someone hours to get to you but at least they will have an idea where the hell you are. The crew on Appa will realize that someone is missing and turn around and also call the SAR team to get the coordinates to help with the search.
Typing all that out, it sounds pretty remote that someone can fall overboard especially since the crew is ALWAYS tethered on the boat when topside. One more layer of safety. Also if the boat's main EPIRB goes out, we'll have a spare.
I also bought DeLorme inReach SE. Handheld satellite thingy that transmit our position every 10 minutes. The faithful reader of this blog will get a link and upon clicking on it you can see EXACTLY where we are anywhere in the world. You can also text us, using satellites, and we can respond. It also has a COME GET ME button.
Satellites. I love them. Using them to send this email as we are once again out of reach by normal, terrestrial means.
CK Louis has a great thing about technology and using satellites to communicate. Google it. I laughed anyway.
The plan is for us to spend time in the Isla Espirtu Santo and Isla Partida area. Clear, warm water with that turquoise color that I love so much. Like having your boat with you in a swimming pool.
Went swimming yesterday with tons of fish and just splashed around. Projected to be 100 degrees today. Light wind. Probably stayed anchored today and tomorrow head up to Caleta Partida or maybe El Cardoncito.
We will start heading south to San Jose Del Cabo on the 19th. Just a couple days left.
Kids are ready to get back home and see their friends. Max wants to drive his car that his dad got for him. Jen wants to be there for her dad and mom. Me? I'm good. I got 5000 miles of open ocean sailing ahead of me. If that does scratch my sailing itch, nothing will.
End of August I am going to fly to Chicago and sail with my brother on his new boat. A J105. Angry Sloth. Carly LOVES sloths. We are going to race in the Chicago to St. Joesph race. Overnighter. Great fun and even better party.
Next year the Mackinaw race from Chicago. 333 miles of Lake Michigan sailing.
That's it for now...
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