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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Still sitting in this beautiful bay

Listened to Sand Dollar 2 days ago on the South Bound Cruisers Net on the SSB. They were over 800 miles away and we talked with them like they were on the VHF radio. SSB is pretty old school but it works and it is always amazing to me just how it works. Takes some power though to throw our voices that far. Our antenna is our backstay and word around the campfire is don't touch the backstay while transmitting. Could get a minor burn. So they say.
Heard that there is a chance for a tropical storm down near Acapulco. It is hurricane season now so anything is possible. We are keeping our eyes on it.
Leaving the islands Monday. I'll miss this. Sitting in 15 feet of water and clearly able to see the chain of our anchor and the anchor itself. If it was on it's side I could read the label on it. Can't do that in Seattle area. Oh well. All good things blah blah. It is getting really hot out. Over 100 yesterday. We swam for couple hours total yesterday. Hard to do schoolwork in that kinda of heat.
More later...

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