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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sunny in San Fran

Baby Bison?
Tomorrow is the baja haha party at the Encinal Yacht Club. After that we a looking for weather windows to leave.  Not too much going on. We are redoing the way some lines are run to make it cleaner. Putting in a new topping lift also. Have to change oil also. Etc etc.
Pete has been a big help in fixing some stuff and I can't express how grateful I am for his help. We almost completely chafed through my port spinnaker halyard due to the Solent halyard forcing the spinnaker halyard over at the top of the mast. The spin halyard was rubbing on the side of hole where it drops into the mast. It also was rubbing on the Solent halyard. I did some rearranging up at the top of the mast and hopefully that will be the end of that problem. Pete also put a cover over that part of the halyard for more protection.
Bennie started home schooling and it looks like we have a steep learning curve ahead of us.  Jen is figuring out what we need and don't need to do. It'll take a bit of time but it will come together.  Max seems like his schooling is going good.
The routine as it stands now while we are in the marina is, school starts at 8 (or 9), Max and Ben are up and at it.  I take Samey out on a bike ride and then to the park and then off to West Marine. We get done with our stuff and then hit the pool.  Ben and Max join is around 1300 or so for a break from school.  Swim for a couple hours and then back to the boat to finish up school.  We start making dinner plans then.
We are on our third day so this routine is not set in stone by any means.  This morning we got up and out the door at 8 or so and biked/scootered to the breakfast place and then off to the grocery store. We scootered home and then school started.  Sam, Pete, and I went to West Marine and bought some more line then off to this hardware store in Alameda that reminds me of Stone Hardware but crazier. They have everything here it seems.  You know those chains made with little balls and they connect together with that bean looking thing?  This place has a selection of those ranging from very small to almost billard ball size. It is comical. I'll have to get a picture.
Sunny and windy here. Amazing how hard it is to keep the sun from burning you. The kids are getting tanned and we are glopping sunscreen on them. Sam's hair is going to be soooo blond.
The photo belows shows some of the Haha boats showing up to "our" marina for the party.  Not shown is a Hardin 44 from Shileshole.  They are in front of that powerboat named Wings.

Sam is in the pool all the time now and will go in without any prompting.  With a lifejacket of course.  I am typing this and watching her swim.  Ben is like a lizard at the moment and laying on the cement soaking in the warmth.  Max is off driving Jen and Rachelle to the Goodwill store and a couple others.  Looking for costumes and shoes.  Costumes for the eventual Baja Haha party in San Diego and shoes for Max because that boy has size 13.5 feet and it is hard to find that size.
Ah hell.  I am signing off.  Going swimming with the kids!!