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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Argh. Stupid apple products make me look even dumber

So I try to whip these posts out and it is my fault that I don't proof read them better.  In going over my last post, I appear to be even dumber than I actually am. I'll fix the grammar when I can and when I catch it.  
Another thing, I am not use to getting comments and evidently I have to "approve" the comments before they get published and I accidentally erased some of the comments and they cannot get published. Sorry Eric. I do read the few comments that I get and keep them coming. 
So today was freaking huge!  Huge I tell you. My daughters is a freak about getting her hair wet.  Swimming , showering, no matter the source, wet hair equaled crying and screaming. Well today she asked to put on her goggles and then proceeded to go underwater and swim. Of course I was at the baja haha meeting and missed it. We have it on video and I will post it tomorrow. She went under water and noticed that she can see underwater. Another new world to discover. Amazing. For me it is just amazing. It is a big deal. You might scoff at this but when you are going to spend one whole year in Mexico and your daughter can't get her hair wet, that can be a problem. Tomorrow is another day and we'll see how she progresses, if at all. But I think this is the start of something cool. 
Ben was awesome today also. He attended the baja meetings with me and then proceeded to introduce himself to people and shake their hands. He was even offering to get chairs for people that had to stand.  We then posed for photos when they inflated a life raft and were told that we are going to be in next issue of Latitude 38. We'll see. 
Max. Let me tell you about Max. He spent all day learning how to splice. He did a wonderful job make a couple tapered splices. I'll post pictures tomorrow. Basically he made a rope into a line. I have paid a professional to do what Max did today and it would have cost me $100. Max's work looks better. I am so proud of him. 
Ok. Off to bed. Photos tomorrow and a boring video of a little girl putting her head underwater. 
Oh one picture. This catamaran showed up. 
Nice eh?

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