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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Ben and Max are doing school with Jen acting as teacher mainly for Ben. Not high on her list of stuff she would like to be doing I'm sure. But i think she is getting the hang of it. Meaning how to get Ben to focus. Sam and I are at the beach in front of Santa Barbara yacht club. Beautiful weather again today. After a couple hours on the beach, Sam and I will head off to feed the ducks and turtles at the pond we found in this beautiful park. Maybe Ben will be at a stopping point and he can join us.
Laundry still has to get done today. Or not.  I'm in my swimsuit most of the time.
I fly home to Seattle tomorrow with a special guest and will be going to the San Juan Islands for a YMCA outing. I will then fly home on Monday and on Tuesday we will leave for Ventura. Or maybe the Channel Islands. We haven't decided yet. 
It has been fun watching Max and Sam bond during this trip. They are inseparable at times.