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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rambling man


This morning I decided that we will cast off the lines and head for the Channel Islands and spend a week there gunk holing around.  Jen headed off to the store for groceries, Max went to the fuel dock for gas for the dinghy and generator, I got the dinghy on the foredeck, strapped it in and checked oil on the Perkins. 
I have been looking at the weather files and today it is suppose to be mild. 10 knots of wind out of the south and warm. Talking 80s or so.  Wednesday through Friday the wind is suppose to blow out of the west to northwest about 20-25 knots with gusts into the 30s.  Sunny though. Waves never seem sullen or dangerous when the sun is out. 
Appa was ready to go at 1000 and I started up the electronics and prepared to flash up the diesel.  I kept having this nagging feeling that it wasn't a good idea to do the Islands when the wind is forecasted to pick up.  I have never been there before and the blogs just comment on how nice it was and how they had perfect weather, blah blah. Given how the islands are situated and how the coast of California angles, I figured that we could do Ventura today and then wait a couple days and see how the weather pans out and then we could go to the islands. Ventura Yacht Club will host us for 2 days for free and that sounds pretty good.

  Oil rigs off the coast. 
Opa Z's famous tuna salad spread that has become a staple on Appa. 
Well, it is 1237 and the wind is on the nose at 3 knots. Sunny as hell out and we are being pushed toward Ventura by the diesel doing 6 knDOLPHINS!!  Right now!
Ok.  That was cool. They never played around the boat but got close and launched themselves out of the water again and again. No pictures as they never turn out right for me and I want to see them with my eyes not through a viewfinder. 
We stopped about 3 miles out from Ventura and swam off the boat. Water is about 65 or so. Pretty chilly but beautiful. 
That's me trying to catch the boat. A bit of current there. 
Ben jumping in. See his hair?
Nobody says binoculars cuter!
Got into Ventura Yacht Club and hit the beach. Even Samey went swimming. Came back and we had a potluck dinner and met a bunch of members. 
Started talking to people and hooked myself a ride on Disheveled Rogue, a J24. They are racing their last "Beer can" race of the season tomorrow and need extra crew. 
Channel Islands this weekend and then Marina Del Ray on the 2nd to get Jen off to the airport on the 3rd.  

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