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Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's alive!

After waiting on parts from Stewart's Marine in Ballard (Thanks Kathy!), I finally got the time to put everything back together.  That shiny bit there is the new ($$$$) raw water pump.
"Why don't you put her in charge?!"
What a jig saw puzzle!  My 2 year old loves puzzles.  I should have had her help.  
I should have taken more "before the rebuild" pictures.  Reluctantly my brain clicked in gear after much grinding and I figured it out.
The new raw water came with directions on how to install it properly.  Why is it directions always assume you have encyclopedic knowledge of that particular engine?  I think I got it though.  Per instructions you have to line up the adapter plate correctly or the key on the shaft for the pump will strip out, leaving you with a smoldering ruin of an engine.  They go on to add that they have many pumps sent back to them claiming faulty shafts.  "We have periodically tested the returned pumps and found them within specs."  Then why the design that ruins so many pumps.  You cannot tell if you do it wrong either.  You have to take the pump out to see if the shaft is being ruined.  What if you did it right and then upon returning the pump to the engine, you do it wrong that time?  Dumb design I think.
This Perkins Prima 50 loves hose clamps also.  I counted 40 clamps and then stopped.  I am switching out the crap clamps that the PO used and am putting in AWAB hose clamps.  A bit pricey but they are 316 stainless steel.  Superior product I believe.  
Here are some photos for your viewing enjoyment.

Cutting the metal wire in the hose.  I kinda like this photo.
You know, I am attempting to photograph some of my progress and I find it hard to do.  Hard to remember to take the picture, hard to find time, hard to get action shots but yet, holding a Dremel with a cutting wheel in one hand and a stupid camera phone in the other, I managed to take the photo above.  I seem to gravitate towards the stupid side of things when working on the boat.  

Trying to fit that 2" hose on the exhaust.  My god what a pain.  Had to have my much stronger friend Arnold help.  Well actually it was Pete but you get the idea.  
See that black disc below the hose without the copper elbow on it.  That is the shaft the turns the raw water pump.  Black disc is the adapter plate.

New boots for the heat exchanger.  Uh,  that will be $60 bucks each. I needed two.

Jeremy in his 2Go car.  He looks a little too happy there.  

Boat show pictures.  Ben just loved the Sea Rays and the Bayliners.  Not sure how to feel about that.  I loved the powerboats as a kid also.  Hell I owned Jet Skis PLURAL!

Sam on a Bayliner.

They just loved the powerboats.  All sorts of areas to explore in them.

Benny in his "Lair"

Samey in her "Lair".

Still finding time to work on the decks.

Getting ready for painting.

So after working a 12 hour shift at the hospital, I headed to the boat Saturday night and got that blue Perkins back together.  Tightened the one million hose clamps and put new longer bolts on the raw water exhaust fitting cause the old ones were way too short and junk.  Filled the engine with water and punched the start button.  Started right up and was spitting water out of the exhaust like:

No leaks to speak of and I even ran the watermaker.  No problems.  Yet.  boats.  It is always something.
That's it for now.  Going to Port Madison this coming weekend.  gotta clean that boat up.  It is a wreck what with teak dust on everything, tools everywhere.  Gawd!
I'll leave you with this

Miss Cool!  $90 to fill my truck!!!!!

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