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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Waiting on parts...

This Monday or Tuesday the waterpump comes in.  Then the sleeve for the tubestack.  I bought all new hoses and all cutting them to the correct sizes.  O'Reilly's Auto parts let me go back into the store room and rummage around in their hoses for awhile.  Got what I need!
I am painting the parts that I took off the engine and I'll get some photos of that and post later.  Big thrill right?  Can't hardly wait, eh?  Well, I am doing this for me also.  Keeps track of what I did and how.  Kinda.

Here is Swiper the fox helping me with the water pump.  I had my little girl help me on the boat.  By help I mean she was in the V-berth and playing while I was getting the cooling system apart.

Here is Dora helping me.  Actually she is laying down on the job.  Those bits next to her are impeller parts that I found in the cooling system.
My new favorite!  Limited edition I found at Safeway.  So good on fries!

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