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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chili cook off and sailing

Still working on this damn teak deck.  Have gone through 1000s not 100s but 1000s of  teak bungs so far.  I have replaced every single one of them.  Fisheries has the best bungs by far.  Jamestown's suck ass.  I mean bungs.  They suck.  Really suck.
So the decks now need to have a final sanding and then cleaned.  Finally then I can put on TeakGuard and see if all that hard work paid off.  Gawd what a job this has turned into.  I should have just paid the $14,000 and had them redone.  Not.  This hasn't been too bad.  Just long. Way long.

The chili cook-off is all done.  Here are some photos from that weekend.

The prizes!

Afterwards you eat the chili at a big dinner.

Some dinner aboard Appa on Saturday

Samey napping Sunday afternoon!

Ben helping with the dessert

Appa at Port Madison outstation

Engine ran great and no light flickering!  Yay!  No buzzer either.  So far so good.

Our sail over on Friday to Eagle Harbor.  
 What a day.  Friday the 15th we sailed from the breakwater of Shileshole to the entrance of Eagle harbor.  Peaceful and gentle.  Perfect for the kids and the wife to get reintroduced into the rhythm of the boat.

This is the pile of stuff that Samey wanted to come along.

I can't say no to that face.

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