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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I got wood. But it needs help.

 This is the anchor locker with the TeakGuard on it.  Two coats and then I had to book home and cook dinner for the family.
I think it looks pretty good.  But let's face the facts as Gunther use to say, that teak is beat the hell up on the bow.  It is pretty trashed.  Not in the cards for me to put new teak down so I made do.  The TeakGuard should protect the teak so maybe this will hold up.  Who knows.  The rest of the teak on the boat is much thicker so should stand up to more abuse.  The bungs aren't the same color as what the French used making the deck.  Oh well.

The other problem when I was reefing the decks was the wood is in such worn shape that it would splinter off and so some of the channels have an area that is wider than the rest.  10 foot finish I call it.  From 10 feet away it looks good.
I am trying to not get into the mode of "just finish the freaking decks already!"  Rushing through, half ass cleaning, etc.  Still trying to take my time and do it right.  Now to find the time.

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