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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Meeting new friends

Did the SYC Port Madison Chili cook off this past weekend.  I got eighth place out of 28.  Much better showing than last year.  While waiting for the start of the cook off, I heard a knocking on Appa's hull.  We really don't know anyone at the cook-off and nobody has come up to the boat before but we do have kids and maybe they did something.  Turns out it was one of my "online" friends.  That is Kim to the left and my son Ben in the middle and of course my ugly mug off to the right.  Kim tracked us down via a cruising anarchy post in which I mentioned I was partaking in.  What a great surprise.  I am part of a sailing community that exists online and most of us have never met in person or even know what the other looks like or their real name.  Slowly that is starting to change.  Kim and his wife visited for a bit and took off.  We had a fun visit and hope to repeat it soon!

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