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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

 If you would like to sleep in a coffin, it would be all right. -True Grit
This is Pete trying out the lower bunk in the bunk room.  He fits!  All 6'5" of him.  Even he was amazed.
Well, we are all ready for Swiftsure.  Had the prop adjusted.  Turns out in pretty typical fashion, the prop was installed wrong.  The blades weren't seated properly and the blades were out of order.  The bolts holding the prop together were bent and the thing was completely out of grease.
So the pitch was at 22°.  We reduced that to 18°.  I can now hit 2900 RPM.  Not sure if that is going to effect my top speed or not.  We'll see Thursday morning on our way to Swiftsure.
We decided that the alternator problem is not worth worrying about.  To be sure the wiring is suspect but we think that the 16.5 volts that we see is the regulator being programmed to overcome the resistance of the battery isolator.  I called AmpTech and they said that the alternator can run up to 300°.  I think all systems are GO!  I hope.
This winch has been giving us fits.  The cog was in backward.  Had to drop the ceiling in the head again to correct.  All fixed now.

Pete made these new spin guy blocks.  Pretty cool, I think.
I chased the heater duct down and changed out the registers to something that can close.  We now have some heat in the forward two cabins.
All done but the packing and stowing of food and such.  More later

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