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Monday, May 21, 2012

Here is the man, David.  He has probably logged more hours on boat projects than anybody else.  The winches are almost done.  Here he is tearing down the aft head's ceiling to gain access to the bottom of the winch.  Certain Harken winch models make you take the entire thing off to lube it.  What a pain.  Rachelle helped put everything back together while I stood around and wondered what the hell I've gotten myself into.  
I love the boat but she needs some work to get her up to speed.  I've been working so hard on the hatch, heater bullshit, etc. that I really haven't had time to figure out the systems on this thing.  
Underneath the lower bunk in the kid's cabin there is a nice area for storage.  It could be better if the PO had ran the waterlines a little more logically.  Some in moving the lines around in an attempt to get a box in that space, I noticed an airleak in the line that draws water off the tank.  Tightened that and then decided to hit them all.  Feeling good about that, I went under the galley sink to tighten those hose clamps and found a couple things.  The water pump is being held by two screws.  The insulation on the freezer sucks.  They squirted that foam in a can all over the place.  WTF?  This area also holds the valves for all 3 water tanks.  This means that there are a bunch of hoses under there.  Looks like a snake's wedding.  Maybe 100 hose clamps in that area alone.  Ugh.  That and some of the connections are iffy.  The PO has various sizes of hoses in the same run.  Why?  Pretty minor stuff but still.  
Engine.  Chris is still trying to figure out the reason behind the dimly glowing idiot light.  We spent couple hours going over the connections and found some loose ones.  He thinks, and I agree, that the external regulator needs a cleaner power source.  So much of our time was spent looking for a 12 volt power source that worked when the ignition key was on.  I had to go home and sleep and left him to venture forth into the Lucas hell that is my engine room.  
 Here is Rachelle unloading stuff from the boat to make room for other stuff.  Big Costco run Sunday.  Sure am glad that I have friends like this.
Stuff is everywhere.
Eventually I am going to have to say the boat is good enough and let it go.  I have one more project that I will do on Tuesday.  Then clean this crap up and be done with it.  I am going to be gone for 5 days and I haven't really be connecting with my wife or my kids.

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