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Friday, June 1, 2012

Well, we did the race.  7th out of 9 in our class and in our division 14th out of 31 boats.  Got killed in the light air start.  The wind eventually built to 35 knots or so and then died down to 10-15 knots out of the west for the rest of the night.  Had a great spinnaker run home and were at the Inspection Dock at 0900.   The whole trip went off without too much trouble.  The engine ran great except for that blasted alarm and fuel tank gauge problem.  Have to figure that stuff out.
Great delivery.  Left at 0630 and arrived in Vicoria at 1500 or so.  Never saw under 8 knots SOG!

Bison burger!

Sticky Wicket having the cocktails!

Table out and covers of the cushions are on

Rich B.

Steak dinner on Friday night

Mid Strait and the wind is building. 

Eventually the wind built to around 35 knots

Drying stuff out


More Maxey.  Delivery home

Spectra wreath

Learning line handling and knot tying from one of the best, David W.

Almost home

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