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I own the last Wauquiez Centurion 42  (hull#55).

Friday, May 18, 2012

Boat bling.  What to buy.  I need new furler blocks.  Schaeffer or Harken?  Ronstand?  My problem is that the stanchions can be almost permanently welding via corrosion to the bases.  When repairing the toerail I had to destroy three of them to get the stanchion out.  I like the look of the furler block that goes around the stanchion but I'm afraid of the complicated install.  They are more money also.
Emailed with the old owner and found out that when the batteries are fully charged, the electric idiot light on the panel will be dimly on.  Our problem exactly.  Carden went through the manual for the external regulator and found that the wire to power the regulator is going through a light bulb on the panel and then to the regulator.  That would explain why he was seeing 14.5 volts at the alternator and only 8.9 volts at the power line for the regulator.  That wiring is a mess.  Just all jumbled together.  Gotta fix that.

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