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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Doubling the dose

I went to see Dr. Gold on Monday. This was after my lab draw which was a horrible affair, it took them three sticks to get it and blew my veins every time.  Since I am not having any chest pain we have decided to double the dose of my chemo by slowly ramping it up today and Wednesday. By Thursday I should be at 2000 mg instead of my full dose of 3500 mg but this is better than nothing and definitely moving in the right direction. Next week if I don't have any chest pain we should be able to increase the dose again and get me back to full strength.  
We are still talking about our plan as far as after surgery goes we are not sure what medicines I'm going to be on till they check out my lymph nodes. But it sounds like I'll be needing infusion chemotherapy.  We will just have to take a wait and see approach. Either way it is the surgery that really is the key to all of this.  
My friends at work have gotten to wearing armbands to help support me through this. 
I seriously work with some of the best people in the world!  Love those guys!

I had treatment number 12 today at radiation. I think I have 13 left. I believe tomorrow will be halfway.  I'm having minimal side effects currently and hopefully that will continue for a while. My hip joints ache but so far that is it.  I know it can get way worse but you never know and so we will take this, as I've always said, one day at a time.
I would like to thank everyone for writing comments and posting on Facebook.  I am trying to write back to everyone because after all you took the time to write to me and I should do the same to you. I'm just a little behind.  I am not sure why this blog does not want some people to post comments. It is a rather buggy program especially when you are trying to post.
Thanks again for all the support, encouragement and love. It is very very helpful to me and I really enjoy getting the emails and texts. 

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