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Saturday, December 7, 2013

We have 2 new pets!

Way before we even started this trip, I told the boys that if they could catch a gecko then they could keep it. We now have two geckos, Jimmy and Sir Sleeps-a-lot. Photos once we get to shore and Internet. Ben and his buddy Ben from Sea Otter went to shore on Isabela and trapped a bright green gecko/lizard and then Max, feeling left out, went and redeemed himself by catching another. We are told they keep the bug population down but currently (touch wood) we don't have no stinking bugs onboard. Ben made Jimmy a cute box with string to use to climb out and celery thrown in and a bed. Max did likewise. They are very cute but I have a feeling they aren't long for this boat. We'll see.
Isabela is fantastic. Warmest water we have had yet and 30 foot visibility. Saw all types of fish and a spotted eagle ray. Very cool. We hiked around the island and saw the Lago Crater. Very cool. Saw the blue footed boobies also. If you have any aversion to birds at all, NEVER go here. They are everywhere. Something out of Hitchcock.
Left Isabela about 1300 or so and immediately set sail for San Blas. Home of the no-see-ums. Jungle tour tomorrow I reckon.
Sea Otter is following us and we are having a lot of fun with them. I miss Sand Dollar though and it will be fun to get back together with them.
Jen is doing great with the seasickness. So far (touch wood). Sammy is still using the toilet for her poop. This has been a major change.
We are having fun. I have got to sail waaaay more than I expected. Way more. Currently the wind is out of the NW around 15 knots and we are deeply beam reaching under full spread at around 7-8 knots. Jen has loved this passaged and the kids are having fun. Max speared a grouper fish yesterday and we added that to the potluck on Sea Otter. Max filleted it and I grilled it.
More later...

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