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Monday, December 23, 2013


We are in Paradise Village in Puerto Vallarta. Have been since the 20th.  Gringos as far as the eye can see.  But also a surprisingly large number of locals also.  This place has multiple swimming pools with slides, lap pool, great beach, restaurants and a night club.  Very similar to a cruise ship now that I think about it.  Isolated in a way.  The kids are having fun but pools bore them I think.  We head to the ocean more often than not.  That it is a little bit of a lie right now as Sam is into the crocodile slides right now but prior to her gaining enough gumption to do the slides, she was in the ocean with me and Ben dodging waves and swimming under the big breaking ones.  At first I had to hold her as she was afraid of the waves "killing" her but them she asked for her goggles and after donning them promptly dove under the first set of breakers that she came across.  Amazing.  To think that in August we couldn't even get her to get her hair wet.  
Our first day in paradise was taken up by me going to see a dermatologist about the back of my head. I have to wear a hat all the time and started to break out in pimples and a rash.  Then it got infected.  So we got our first dose of mexico's health care system.  $45 for a drop in visit to a derm.  Placed on doxycycline and that costs about $40 here for a month.  The office was clean and she was very good I thought.  My head is already feeling better.
I'll spare you photos of my head.

You can see the two crocodile slides in the photo above.  Crowded but not to bad.  
We finally got rained on.  Hard core rain.  Filled the dinghy about half way.  Jen and I woke up and closed all the hatches and I sat in the cockpit and just listened to the rain pour down.  Big tropical rain.  
We are learning the buses and making new friends.  Sand Dollar just today contacted us on radio after cruising with their "new" friends.  Haven't heard from them in awhile.  Maybe tomorrow we can actually see them.
We have a tiny Christmas tree and Ben has decorated the interior of the boat.  More later..
Merry Christmas and happy new year!!