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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Leaving Muertos

This is out of order.  I fixed a paragraph and stupid blogger wouldn't put it back in order. 
So there you go. 
 One last margarita and we are leaving.
This is from the pool at Gran Sueno.  Leaving here in couple hours for the "Galapagos of Mexico", Isla Isabella. Maybe that is spelled with one L. Anywho, winds are projected to be light to moderate from the NW or so and the swell will have long periods so off we go.  
Plan is to head to Isabella then to Chacala.  Chacala is suppose to be the anchorage you dream about when you plan these trips.  White sands blah blah. Rolly as hell too so stern anchor in tandem with the main hook to keep the nose of the boat into the swell.  
From there we are heading to La Cruz in Banderas Bay.   Stay there and maybe hit Punta Minta before heading across the bay to Puerto Vallarta for Christmas. 
After Christmas we are heading south still. Till about February.

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