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Saturday, January 26, 2013

It's exhausting....

This is the aluminum exhaust elbow.  You are looking at the inlet for the raw water after it has gone through the heat exchanger.  The water gets injected into the hot exhaust gases and cools it down so you can have a rubber hose handling the exhaust gas and the exiting raw water used for cooling. I think the corrosion is from the stainless bolts into the aluminum.  Dissimilar metals can cause corrosion.  The rest of the elbow looks great.  I wasn't even going to take the elbow off but after looking at the bolt holes, there is no way that is going to go back together again.  Luckily I have a spare.  Can't be cheap.  I'll buy another one for back up.  I am also going to coat the bolts with TefGel or something similar to stop the corrosion.  Going to have to ask around about this.

Here is my spare.
 So being in the middle of taking apart the cooling system in our Wauquiez Centurion 42 that is how I found the exhaust "problem-to-be".  Appa has a 50hp Perkins Prima 50.  A funky engine if there ever was one.   As you might remember, I pulled the raw water pump due to it leaking like my 2 year old's diaper.  The generic diapers not those Huggies I buy now.  Or actually my wife buys.  Wait, I did buy some last week.  Hopefully she will be out of them soon but I digress.  Anyway,  the previous owner screwed up the pump by installing it wrong.  Evidently when replacing the raw water pump, you put the pump on and then tighten the bolts only part way.  This allows the shaft and the key to get seated correctly.  Failure to do this results in the shaft on the pump to get chewed up.  Which mine was.  Now I need a need one.  Or replace the shaft.  Shaft=$200.  New pump=$300.  Actually a new pump exactly like mine new is $600 but since my motor is actually a rebadged Volvo-Penta MD22, I can use their pumps.  Thanks to Stewart's Machine shop in Ballard for doing all the leg work on this.
I plan on keeping the old pump as a spare since it works but leaks a bit.  Maybe eBay will come up with a rebuild kit or something.  Never know.

The boots are on the ends of the box that say Perkins Prima.  These go over the HeatX and the fresh water coolant manifold.  They were completely shot and leaking sea water over the engine motor.
 So since the pump was out I decided to look at the heat exchanger (now called heatX).  There is a sleeve in the manifold that serves as a gasket.  This sleeve is $60 and needs to be replaced.  All new gaskets for everything also.  New boots for the manifold also. 
So Monday the pump should be here and then Thursday the sleeve for the heatX.  Maybe just maybe we can get this boat out on the water in time for the Chili-cook off at the SYC Port Madison in the middle of February!

The engine block is not a ground.  The only time it grounds itself is when the starter is engaged.  This makes chasing electrical gerlims a bit of a chore.

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